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September 21, 2016
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#DailyDeals: the newest B2B deal platform


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WHAT DAILY DEALS OFFERS (Advertise for free till 2017)

  • Daily Deals was created and is driven by entrepreneurial upliftment, a crucial element in alleviating the current unemployment levels in South Africa. In addition, CONNECTING with a target market is a difficult and costly exercise for all businesses. Daily Deals satisfies both of these issues – buyers have specified notification settings on specific items, and advertisers are able to place ads at very affordable rates.
  • Daily Deals is therefore a DEAL ADVERTISING PLATFORM for all size businesses.
  • Daily Deals interactions between advertisers and buyers creates VISIBILITY to businesses that would normally fly below the radar.
  • Daily Deals gives the ultimate “bang for buck” – the focus is on AFFORDABILITY coupled with TARGET HITTING.
  • Daily Deals can be used by general consumers as well.





  • Register and create a profile, including loading your keywords as a BUYER.
  • Choose duration combinations to flight your adverts, as well as number of items/services you wish to advertise.
  • Decide whether you would like to buy blocks of REGULAR deals or HOT deals, or both.
  • Pay for your chosen combinations via our secure payment gateway (managed by PAYFAST).
  • Load adverts, and wait for responses.


  • Register and create a profile.
  • Select keywords of products/services you would like to receive e-mail notifications on (eg: brass bolts, toilet paper, massage, i-phones).
  • Check the alphabetical search to see whether any items you’re looking for are already loaded. If not, an e-mail notification will be sent to you as soon as a new deal in your keyword selection has been loaded. If you can’t find deals on products you’re looking for you can click on FIND ME A DEAL (refer to the main menu) and enter the details of items you’re searching for. Once Daily Deals receives this request we will endeavour to find companies that supply the items you are looking for, and ask them to publish new deals on these items.
  • Once you have found a deal that you want, click on it and take up the offer simply by printing it and redeeming the offer directly with the advertiser.
  • If you would like Daily Deals to facilitate a deal for you, you can pay for the advertised items on line. Daily Deals will arrange the purchase and delivery of items ordered for you. [Rates that apply are based on a minimum order value of R 25000 and will be charged out at 5% of the order value, plus courier fees].

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